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4 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
15 - 20 black sacks or
4 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.01m / 6'6" (approx)

Price: £91.67 + VAT (£110)



6 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.63m / 8'6" (approx)

Price: £ + VAT (£)



5 tonne skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 2532mm / 8'3'' (approx)
W: 1666mm / 5'4'' (approx)
H: 913mm / 3'0'' (approx)

Price: £137.50 + VAT (£165)

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