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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Skip Hire Company

If you’re thinking about hiring a skip, it’s not unusual to be scratching your head and wondering which company to use. To help you narrow down your options and find the best company for you, we have created a list of the 5 top tips for choosing the right skip hire company.

Look at Reviews, Rating & Experience

When searching for a company to hire, always take a look at their previous experience and track record to date. This will allow you to see how they operate and whether this correlates well with your needs and your project. See what other people who have paid for the services have to say to help ensure a positive skip hiring experience.

Check the Skip Sizes Available

There are different sizes of skip available, consider your requirement and the length of time the skip is needed as there is a big difference between needing a small skip for 2 days to clean garden waste and needing a large skip for ongoing building maintenance. If you are looking for Sheffield skip hire, we at Mr Rubble have a wide range of skips to suit all your needs.

Consider Cost & Value for Money

How much are they going to charge you? The cost of hiring a skip varies from company to company so to help you save money make sure the company charges a fair rate. You can often find prices online or you can give your nearest skip hire a call to find out their hire prices. In fact, through Mr Rubble skip hire you can even book a skip online making it quicker and easier to hire from us. Oh, and when you want us to pick the skip up again you can request that online too!

Consider the Type of Hire Contract Require

When you hire a skip, it tends to be a fixed time agreement but sometimes you can organize for a flexible contract. The flexible contract is ideal for those who are not sure how long the skip is needed for.

Ensure the Company is Compliant & Licensed with Local Authorities

If you’re going to hire a skip make sure you find a company that is fully licensed. Here at Mr Rubble we are fully licensed and always ensure we meet UK government environmental guidelines. If you require Rotherham skip hire then take a look at what we have to offer.

If you keep these tips in mind next time you hire a skip it won’t take long to find the best skip hire company for you. If you are in Sheffield or Rotherham and require a skip, we know Mr Rubble skip hire will be at the top of your list. 


4 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
15 - 20 black sacks or
4 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.01m / 6'6" (approx)

Price: £91.67 + VAT (£110)



6 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.63m / 8'6" (approx)

Price: £ + VAT (£)



5 tonne skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 2532mm / 8'3'' (approx)
W: 1666mm / 5'4'' (approx)
H: 913mm / 3'0'' (approx)

Price: £137.50 + VAT (£165)

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