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Top tips for home recycling

The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year. Recycling at home is very important; the little things can have huge impacts. Learning what can be recycled and how to do it may seem like a daunting task, but at Mr Rubble Sheffield skip hire, we are all about making it easy for you. With a few simple steps, recycling at home can transform from a chore into something fun for all the family. Not only can recycling reduce your own household waste, but it will also greatly benefit the environment and the world around you. Remember however, if you have a large quantity of waste, hiring a skip may save you time, money and effort. Mr Rubble can help, with three different sizes of skips available for our Sheffield and Rotherham skip hire customers, we will have something to suit you.

What can you recycle?

A lot of household plastic is produced from ‘soft’ plastic, a material that can be easily reprocessed. Items such as sauce bottles, mouthwash and milk containers can all be put in the green bin. Check with your recycling centre, but sometimes stronger plastic such as Tuppaware can also be recycled.

The trick with junk mail is to process it as soon as it arrives. Instead of letting it pile up and clutter, take it straight to recycling.

Items such as cereal boxes and biscuit packets are easily reused, just ensure to open them up and break them down before putting them in the bin. Not only will this save you space in your recycling container, but also make the process of recycling cardboard that bit more efficient.

Waste such as spray cans, food containers and tin foil can all be recycled.

Glass products such as bottles can always be reprocessed and used again, the making of which uses much less energy than glass being produced from raw materials.

Check with your council what items can be recycled

It’s always useful to check with your council what items can be recycled and where to put them, as guidelines differ from region to region.

Setting up a system to remind your household to recycle is a quick way to ensure no green items are being thrown in the black bin. An effective idea is to put a recycling poster in a place where all the family will see it, perhaps in the kitchen or on the back of a door? Placing a recycling container next to your indoor bin, one that is always in clear view, is also a simple way to create a constant reminder to recycle and reduce the amount of waste your household is producing.

For more information about hiring a skip in Sheffield and Reotherham, give us a call on 0114 236 6222


4 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
15 - 20 black sacks or
4 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.01m / 6'6" (approx)

Price: £91.67 + VAT (£110)



6 yard skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 1.71m / 5'6" (approx)
W: 1.22m / 4'0" (approx)
H: 2.63m / 8'6" (approx)

Price: £ + VAT (£)



5 tonne skip hire

Nominal capacity:
35 - 45 black sacks or
6 cubic yards

L: 2532mm / 8'3'' (approx)
W: 1666mm / 5'4'' (approx)
H: 913mm / 3'0'' (approx)

Price: £137.50 + VAT (£165)

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