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Christmas Recycling Tips

17th Dec 2020

We are all more conscious of our impact on the environment nowadays. So how can you adapt Christmas so that you are less wasteful? Read our Christmas recycling tips to find out how you can enjoy the festive period whilst recycling what you can.

Know what you can recycle 

If you’re unsure about what you can and can’t recycle, there’s plenty of information to guide you. Your local authority’s website will have information about recycling bins and what can and can’t be put in there. For example, used paper cups and plates can’t be recycled.

Wash out glass and plastic bottles

It doesn’t take long to wash out used glass and plastic bottles ready for recycling and it’s a massive help. At Christmas time, we will go through many more bottles, so once they are empty, wash them out and put them in the recycling bin.  

Recycle cards

If you don’t want to keep your Christmas cards after the event, recycle them. You could even get creative and make your own gift tags from old Christmas cards!

Avoid plastics where possible

We’re all more conscious of the effect of plastics on the environment. Where you do need to use plastic, such as bottles, ensure these are recycled. However, consider using alternatives where possible, such as substituting the plastic cutlery for real knives and forks. 

Avoid glossy wrapping paper

It may look nice and festive, but much of the laminated glossy wrapping paper and ribbons can’t be recycled and shouldn’t be put in the paper recycling. Consider if the wrapping paper can be recycled before you buy, use gift bags that can be reused and use tote bags or festive shopping bags that can be used time and time again. 

Recycle your Christmas tree

If real Christmas trees are your thing, try to replant it for next year. Local authorities may also offer tree collection services, so check with your local council. Alternatively, Mr Rubble accepts garden waste as part of our skip hire Sheffield

Rent a skip for big clearances

While clearing and recycling from Christmas, why not have a clearout at home ready for the New Year? 

You can rent a skip from just £87.50, with a special offer and extended hire period. Now is the perfect time for clearance. And with Mr Rubble, the environment is one of our top priorities – we recycle 98% of the waste we collect. Get in touch with us today.