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Mr Rubble’s Pledge for the Planet – Recycling Waste

17th Apr 2020

At Mr Rubble Skip Hire we are passionate about doing our best, not only for our customers but also for our community and the Earth. We do this by making recycling a top priority, in fact if you hire a skip with us you don’t need to spend time separating the waste or worrying about where the rubbish will end up. Back in 2006, our state-of-the-art recycling centre opened allowing us to efficiently ensure we recycle as much of the waste as possible.

Our team care about the environment and are committed to doing what we can to keep the world clean. We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide and ensure this continues even after we’ve taken the full skip away, so rest assured knowing that all of the waste is dealt with in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

We recycle to help:

Lessen pollution – recycling and reusing materials is a great way to reduce pollution by avoiding new products being unnecessarily created.

Avoid landfills – By recycling we can reduce the amount of waste that is going into landfill. Landfill is very damaging to the environment and wildlife so if the waste doesn’t have to go to landfill we make sure it won’t.

Reduce costs – When you consider recycling from a financial standpoint, it costs considerably less to repurpose materials than to create products from new materials. Large scale recycling = big savings for businesses. If landfills continue to increase in size then communities will be taxed more in order to cover the fines and landfill taxes associated with exceeding landfill allowances. I’m sure you’d agree this is something we’d all like to avoid so choose a responsible skip hire company to help meet your skip needs. A responsible skip hire company does not mean an expensive skip hire company – take a look at for our competitive skip hire prices.

Why are we so passionate about recycling the waste we receive?

With waste, and the way it is being disposed of, causing problems around the globe we are committed to leading by example at Mr Rubble. Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill is a priority, DEFRA reported that, in 2016, 45.2% of household waste was recycled and outlined the 2020 target as 50% or more. Despite our cheap skip hire we don’t skimp on quality, efficiency or responsibility and that is why we recycle a huge 93% of the waste that comes to us.

If you’re looking for Skip Hire in Sheffield or Rotherham skip hire we offer easy, stress-free booking online or by phone and always ensure our customers are happy with the care and services received.  Not sure about what skip you need? Take a look at our online hire guide where we answer the most frequently asked questions.