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Over 98% of waste is recycled at Mr Rubble

2nd Apr 2020

How Mr Rubble Looks After the Environment

When you choose Mr Rubble Sheffield skip hire and Rotherham skip hire, you are choosing to help the environment. Here at Mr Rubble we are passionate about looking after the environment, both close to home and further afield. With our own purpose-built recycling centre first established in 2006, we recycle 98% of all waste we collect – a percentage that is rising. Recycling our waste is important to us as a company, ensuring we don’t contribute to the worlds rising waste problem. Landfills in the UK are filling up, creating toxic chemicals and gasses that are harmful to both animals and the nature that surrounds us. The whole team at Mr Rubble are proud to belong to an eco-friendly company. From arranging deliveries and collections in an environmentally sound way using fewer fossil fuels, to recycling every bit of waste that we can.

The majority of waste we collect can be recycled and we are continually striving to recycle more. As we know it is important that the waste we recycle is used again so we recycle over 98% of the waste we collect in our skips. For example, our wood waste is used to make chipboards and mdf, while our plastic recyclables are repossessed. Metals are sent to continue Sheffield’s Steel City tradition and are used to make steel. Glass is melted down and used to create new glass, meaning it will always have a purpose when recycled. Waste such as glass is important to be recycled and not put on landfill as it is a material that will take a very long time to naturally decompose.

Not only does recycling affect the whole world, but also our own little slice of it. The soils and green waste collected by us at Mr Rubble are sent to civil gardeners and landscapers, while waste aggregates are used in the building of new roads. The waste we produce can be used to create something beautiful, showing just how beneficial it is to recycle. Here at Mr Rubble we are proud of the recycling that we do, but we are always striving to do more.

If you have any queries about the recycling we do or the products you can put in a skip to be recycled, please don’t hesitate to contact us.